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Timing is Everything. 

Once upon a time I was a trained musician and dancer, and I knew that fact quite well. The planets have a music and a dance all their own, and my journey eventually drew me away from the performance arts into the art of the Self and reading the stars. I wonder, dear seeker, what timing on your journey brings you to this adventure now. It is my greatest joy and honor to investigate the energetic codes of the lives of any who come to me with curiosities regarding what the language of the gods has to say about them and their journey. 

My intention in my work is not to tell my clients who they are or what will happen in their lives; on the contrary, I see this work as a yoga - a path toward union of all aspects of Self and the Divine Creative Force of the universe. The astrological chart offers a complete - and I do mean absolutely complete - view of the native; the good, the bad, and... well, you get it. My gift is to shine a loving light on your darkest corners in order to reveal the most grotesque shadows in pursuit of awareness, acceptance, and integration. I am here to offer the seeker a multitude of perspectives on every aspect of their life and experience; more importantly, I aim to assist my clients toward achieving ever deeper connection with their own soul and spirit. 

In the words of my teacher's teacher's teacher:

"Darkness is how we see the stars".

Dr. Gopala Aiyar 


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