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Synastry & Composite Readings

Relationship Charts (All Forms of Relationship)

  • 2 hours
  • 200 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

This is a way of looking at compatibility, soul contracts, and relationship journeys for two people in any kind of relationship. I love reading synastry and composite charts for siblings, parents/children, romantic partners, business partners, friends, and more! Synastry charts look at the cosmic connections between two people, how the inner parts and pieces of each person line up together, where they align and where they conflict, helping to bring immense clarity about the dynamics within the connection. This portion of the reading is helpful to highlight compatibility between the two. Composite charts look at the way two people come together, relate to one another, and the life of the actual relationship as an entity. Often the direction the relationship may develop can be seen in the composite chart. Keep in mind that composite charts are made up of two free-agent individuals, and the choices and actions of those two people will be the biggest factor in determining the outcome or journey of the relationship. While a great deal can be gleaned from studying relationship charts, we are not ruled by the stars. These charts are simply blueprints.

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912 Lawrence Street, Apt 3 Eugene, OR 97401

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