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"What a wonderful birthday gift getting an astrological reading by Laura Black! To begin, Laura spent a lot of time introducing the characters of the reading: the 12 astrological signs and what they generally represent. She was patient with questions and contagiously exuberant about the subject matter. Laura is clearly in love with this work and her joy and attention to detail makes the whole experience that much more wonderful. 

After giving me an overview of the “astrological space“, she focused in on the skies at my moment of birth. We went through my chart with great detail, again allowing for all of my questions and side discussions. We talked about important events in my life, personal goals, and even past life history.

Whether new at having readings or having had many, I strongly recommend Laura for anyone who wants a better understanding of what’s to be learned from an astrological chart, and for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the personal influence of the stars. "


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